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 Kioti Tractors
 DK55 Tractor DK55 (DK55C)
Engine Gross Power : 55 hp 
PTO Type : Hyd. Independent
Transmission Type : Manual
Shuttle : Synchronized

(detailed Specs)


DK55 Tractor
DK55 Tractor




Front Axle

3pt Hitch

DK55C in field

DK55C in field

DK55C in field

Environmentally Friendly Engine Kioti offers a quieter, smoother running diesel engine that meets or exceeds EPA and CARB regulations. Kioti engines have passed a stringent 2000 hour durability test equivalent to 5,000 hours of normal operation.

12x12 Synchronized Transmission The fully synchronized shuttle and synchronized transmission provide smooth and easy shifting on the move. The DK55 transmission features 12 forward and 12 reverse gears to handle all kinds of jobs.

Safe AUTO PTO For added safety, the AUTO PTO function can be selected to automatically stop the PTO when the implement is raised by the control lever; eliminating exposure to moving parts. A safety interlock prevents engine start when the PTO switch is left on.

PTO Performance Safe and easy operation of the live independent rear PTO is made possible with a hydraulic clutch. Two selectable PTO speeds (540/1000 RPM) power a wide range of implements. The engine crankshaft has a spline that will accept an optional front PTO.

Variable Lower Links Lock the 3-point hitch in any position or adjust its lowering speed with the new adjustable MLS valve. Adjusting the hitch lowering speed enables the DK55 to accommodate virtually any implement.

Position control with Draft For smooth operation of tillage tools without overloading the tractor or the implement, the draft sensing system automatically controls the lower link position to maintain the user selected draft setting.

Flip-Up PTO Guard The PTO guard is easily lifted out of the way for easy drive shaft attachment.

Telescopic CAT I & II hitch Implements are easily attached with telescopic lower links and stabilizers. Interchangeable CAT I and CAT II ends permit a wider variety of implements to be used. (CAT II - Standard, CAT I - Option)

Remote Hydraulic Ports (Rear) Two sets of hydraulic ports with quick-disconnect fittings are standard equipment. One circuit features a floating detent, the second circuit is detent only. A wide variety of hydraulically actuated and hydraulically driven implements can be used.

Auxiliary Lift Control The 3-point hitch can also be controlled from the ground at the rear of the tractor. Attaching implements is easier and safer with this control within easy reach.

Deluxe Operator Station The full-featured instrument panel, adjustable seat, tilt wheel, power steering, grab handles, wide step-through deck, and convenient controls are designed for operator comfort and user-friendly operation.

Full equipped Cab(DK55C) The DK55C features air conditioning, heating, windshield wiper/washer, roof vent, door props for ventilation, AM/FM cassette radio and many other convenient features.

Smart mid-mount Hydraulics Standard hydraulic couplers with joystick control provide for the quick and easy connection of a front-end loader.

Open Hood Design Kiotiís unique hood design improves visibility and allows convenient service access. A simple release lever opens the hood, and side panels can be easily removed without tools.

Foldable ROPS Fold-down roll bar makes it quick and easy to move in tight areas.

High efficiency air filter High efficiency air filter with cyclone canister is applied for maximum engine life.

Pre-Cleaner (cab models) A cyclone pre-cleaner is standard on DK55 cab model. Its radial force captures harmful particles before they can enter the main filter and engine. This helps protect the engine when working in high-dust conditions.

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